Friday, February 16, 2007

Core Beliefs of the Magdalene Community

The following are the core beliefs composed early in our development on retreat:

The Mary Magdalene Community is one of worship, celebration and study. It is a connective community seeking conversation with other spiritualities and religious traditions.

The Community is part of the paradigm shift to a new world of reconciliation and understanding. Mary Magdalene is a liminal figure who calls us out. She is the threshold of the new paradigm.

We envision a Community that is a structure without walls. The Community is inclusive and open to all world religions, genders, faiths. The individual meets at the Group Consciousness.

Study is the cornerstone of the Community as we, individually and collectively, create our own tapestry of inclusiveness and understanding.

While we embrace the historical and scholarly study, we recognize that Mary Magdalene is the Mystical “something” that was left out.

We charge one another to recognize the evil that affects people from the start when they dwell with each other. We hold our core beliefs as the guiding principles in this process.

Women must be moved beyond the “Virgin” and “prostitute” image and become “certain” women. The women in the community speak as boldly as the men.

The Community moves beyond personal sensitivities and suffering.

We share the True Humanity/Divinity within us and it is the connecting link between us.

Each are connected forms of the sum of something greater.

The Community honors feelings and intuition, respecting the voice of each member and acknowledging the voice in our own being and our own voice of truth.

The Community embraces the concept of agreement and consensus versus majority.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gathering Under A Bigger Tent

See the New York Times article Saturday, February 10, 2007 Section A4 "Inviting Africa's Anglicans to Gather Under a Bigger Tent." The article takes us to southern Africa and into the mind of Anglican Archbishop Ndungane (pronounced un-dun-Gan-ee) who is pleading for a "broad-tented church in which believers of various stripes live in harmony." Oh, that we could be that! And Ndungane goes further in helping us retrieve our true identity as a church whose markers are "grace, tolerance, and living with difference." That's the church I thought I belonged to!

Author Karen King

Karen King, author of The Gospel of Mary signs her books at the annual Feast Day of Mary Magdalene at Brigid's Place, Houston, TX July 2004.

Jill Carroll speaks at Brigid's Place January 28 2007

Betty Adam, Jill Carroll and Pamela Stockton at Brigid's Place after Dr. Carroll's lecture entitled Hospitality of the Heart.

Author Jeffrey Kripal

Jeffrey Kripal presents a lecture on his book The Serpent's Gift at Brigid's Place, January 19, 2007.

Author Rena Pederson January 2007

Rena Pederson, Author of The Lost Apostle signs books with Brigid's Place President, Pamela Stockton after her lecture on Junia, Tuesday evening January 30th at Brigid's Place, Houston, TX.